Madison Hash House Harriers presents

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From 2017

The 27th An’al Red Dress Run

Fleshtivities will include:

  • Get your sexy on! a shitty trail in the classic red dress attire.
  • Be your sexy self! get smashed, grab something digestible, wash it down with more beer (wine for more sophistimicated morons) and strut your stuff!
  • The sexy cums out!  hang around and you might dwell in a menagerie of red-clad bodies with the beer-soaked dresses mopping up the floor.
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Lollipop Raffle is fully open!
Few found the secret page, but now everyone can see the game.

Some swag to cum:

more habadash will be available in the HQ tab including:

bottle openers


SHIGGY socks

LiverStrong T-shirts

temp tattoos

and more