The 29th An’al Red Dress Run


    • Friday Night Kilt Run! We’ll try to avoid burs and poison ivy!
    • A Saturday trail around the sights of Madison in your best red dress attire!
    • Be your sexy self! strut your stuff at the on-in and get smashed, grab something digestible, wash it down with beer (wine for more sophistimicated morons)!
    • Sunday Brunch! pick yourself up and grab a onesie for bloodies and a West-side trail!

Rego in Top Menu

Proceeds for this event will benefit DAIS!


Friday 7/12

Shitty Kilt Run around East Madison

Start 6:30-7PM

Baldwin Street Grille

1304 E Washington Ave

Bring your best totally-not-a-skirt that will definitely be under-appreciated by the dirty masses


Breath-taking, double-vision sight-seeing

Saturday 7/13

Red Dress Run Main Event (A-A)

Nomad World Pub

418 E Wilson St

1:00 PM


2:05 PM

Longest Chalk-talk Evar

2:30 PM

On out!

Nummy (not Numby) snacks on trail!

Finest Hasher-made (again, not Numby) serious noms after trail!

Probably some shitty beer too.

Sunday 7/14

Live Hare Onesie Hangover Hash (A-A)


Start: My Lil Porny’s (map)

Bloodies and Brunch

*Bring $5 hash cash*


Onesie/Pajama Live Hare Trail

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